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… a variety of solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. The right solution will be evaluated together with you, put together from proven components or designed from scratch.

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The highest art of tailormade process solutions for wood.

We prepare you for the future and look forward to tackling the next challenges together with you. Be inspired by our success stories and find the right product for you right here.

“With our TechnoWood systems, we have the highest level of continuity for many years, at the highest technical level”
Roth Burgdorf AG
“Thanks to the cooperation with TechnoWood AG, we were able to expand the field of our possibilities and grow beyond our previous limits. This is reflected in numerous complex projects. We are proud of the cooperation and thank you for the trusting business relationship. “
Simonin SAS
“TechnoWood’s ability to customize and deliver exceptional products speaks to the progressive nature of the TW company and team. Spearhead is grateful for the ingenuity and support offered by TechnoWood during the design and implementation of our machine – we thank you for aiding in the growth of our company.” “
“Quality is decided in detail and in precision. Planung, Materialauswahl und Fertigung auf der CNC-Anlage sind drei Einzelprozesse, die wir von Anfang an zusammenhängend denken – und dank unserer hochqualifizierten Mitarbeiter und modernster Technologie auch auf höchstem Niveau umsetzen können.”
Gumpp & Maier GmbH
“Can’t do it, doesn’t exist! This claim connects us with the company TechnoWood. The co-development of the TW-Mill E and our experience with it make us versatile and powerful.”
Uffer AG
“This versatility is also reflected in TechnoWood AG and their employees. TechnoWood AG’s innovative strength is very high and we thank you for allowing us to use part of this innovative strength in our company.”
Schönauer AG

This is us

A company is just an empty shell – the employees are the core. Every individual is important and brings their personal ideas and strengths to the company. With combined forces, we constantly face new challenges and always strive to find the best possible solution for our customers.



Holzsystembau. Intelligent vorproduziert.

1. July 2022

Im April 1989 bauten Arnold Schindler und Christian Scheibling die ersten Dachlukarnen als Elemente auf einem Bauernhof in Bauma. Im vergangenen Jahr, gingen sie, mit dem Kauf der TWOODS-Line, einen weiteren wichtigen Schritt.