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The Swiss wood machining and wood component manufacturer

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… a variety of solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. The right solution will be evaluated together with you, put together from proven components or designed from scratch.

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The highest art of tailormade process solutions for wood.

We prepare you for the future and look forward to tackling the next challenges together with you. Be inspired by our success stories and find the right product for you right here.

“Eine grossartige Firma mit einem starken Team im Hintergrund. Die Umgangssprache ist einfach und angenehm. Die TechnoWood ist immer mit Rat und Tat an unsere Seite. Wir wissen die super Partnerschaft zu Schätzen und können ohne Bedenken um fehlenden Support in die Zukunft blicken. “
Truberholz AG
“TechnoWood was our “top supplier”. Despite the pandemic and the war, they managed to meet all the deadlines specified at the beginning to the day, thus making a significant contribution to the success of the investment project.”
Balteschwiler AG
“The professional advice from TechnoWood, convinced us and gave us a lot of security. The flexibility of our TW-Mill M gives us enormous freedom and development possibilities.”
Häseli Wood Construction Solutions AG
“The TW production line, as a special line for ceilings, roofs, valley beams, balconies, etc., supports us with its flexibility every day in the efficient production of houses. “
Bien-Zenker GmbH
“Timber construction 4.0: The perfect precession of timber construction elements is brought to the point by machine support of our TW-Mill E. Our complete timber construction package is highly appreciated by private builders as well as external timber construction companies. TechnoWood is the optimal partner for this!”
Holzbau Dankl GmbH
“The TW-Mill E is absolutely precise and extremely versatile, from element production to nesting, cutting to size and joinery. With the 4-axis and 5-axis aggregate together with our 58 m long element table, it meets all our requirements up to free-forms. The competent cooperation with TechnoWood from procurement to maintenance and operation is a pleasure. “
Tschopp Holzbau AG

This is us

A company is just an empty shell – the employees are the core. Every individual is important and brings their personal ideas and strengths to the company. With combined forces, we constantly face new challenges and always strive to find the best possible solution for our customers.


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Live more beautifully with wood – The future of building with Schönauer AG

27. June 2024