General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Version 12/2019

The following terms and conditions of purchase (I to XI) are an integral part of our orders. They may not be waived in whole or in part. In the following, TechnoWood AG will be referred to as TW.

I) Offer
Offers are to be issued free of charge and with a validity of 90 days.

II) Price, terms of payment
Prices are DDP (delivered, duty paid) according to current ICC Incoterms.
Payment term is 60 days net or 30 days with 3% discount.

III) Order confirmation
Auftragsbestätigung erfolgt innerhalb von 3 Arbeitstagen nach der Bestellung.
If parts are delivered which are subject to export control, these will be shown individually in the AB, delivery bill and invoice accordingly.

IV) Delivery date
Agreed delivery dates are binding and refer to the date when the goods arrive at TW (DDP).
If a deadline is delayed, the supplier shall inform at least 1 week before the agreed delivery date.

V) Packing and delivery
The supplier is responsible for adequate packaging and bears the costs thereof.
Delivery is made with a delivery bill.
An invoice will be sent separately after complete delivery.

VI) Warranty
The warranty shall be 24 months for new parts and 12 months for repairs and shall commence upon delivery to TW.

VII) Quality assurance
TW does not make incoming inspections, therefore the supplier is obliged to check the goods before delivery and to deliver only in perfect condition.
If Q-defects are detected at TW there are the following possibilities:
– A: The supplier comes to TW and repairs the part
– B: The part will be returned and repaired or replaced by the supplier.
– C: TW repairs the part itself
For A: and B: all costs for repair/replacement are borne by the supplier.
For C: the supplier receives an invoice from TW.

VIII) CE Conformity, Operating Instructions
The supplier shall ensure that all goods comply with/certify the relevant EC directives and confirm this with CE declarations of conformity.
Operating instructions are supplied free of charge in German, French, English, Spanish and Italian.
Catalog parts must also be UL(USA) certified.

IX) Spare parts
The supplier guarantees that all parts are at least 10 year after last delivery are still available, can be repaired or replaced by a compatible product.

X) Framework agreement
TW is willing to commit to larger quantities of special parts than are currently required by TW. In such cases, TW undertakes to purchase a certain number of units, but without any time restriction. Payment for the goods is made after delivery.

XI) Final provisions
Should parts of these GPC be invalid or void, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain valid.
Amendments and supplements to these GPC must be made in writing and signed by both parties.
The place of jurisdiction is St. Gallen. Swiss law is exclusively applicable.
TechnoWood AG