A good foundation


The portal robot
A good building needs a good foundation and a good base. This basic design is the TW-Mill. Basically, the TW-Mill consists of a solid gantry, a protective cabin and a water-cooled 5-axis spindle. What will become of this base you decide! The TW-Mill forms the basic versions for the TW-Mill M, the TW-Mill C and TW-Mill E:

TechnoWood’s TW-Mill modular joinery system can process wood panel material, glulam, one or more single bars efficiently, flexibly and precisely. The TW-Mill system impresses with its modular and high-quality design. Length of the plant, passage width, passage height, arrangement and number of spindles and aggregates and many other features can be freely selected. The stable gantry design achieves high machining precision and self-resonance.

The Y-axis is designed so that 5-axis spindle units can be moved out of the table area. This allows full machining from all 5 sides, including deep horizontal holes on all sides. Depending on the configuration of the machine, it is equipped with 5-axis spindle, saw aggregates and/or with the E-modules (TW-Mill E).

In the mobile gantry versions (TW-Mill M and TW-Mill E) the gantries and in the stationary versions (TW-Mill C) the gantry carriages are placed on the rail system.

The three expansion variants:

TW-Mill M
The mobile portal robot
TW-Mill E
The element construction robot
TW-Mill C
The stationary gantry robot

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