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We offer a variety of solutions for your challenges of today and tomorrow. The right solution will be evaluated together with you, put together from proven components or designed from scratch. Always part of any CNC systems is the heart of the machine: the TW-Control. We prepare you for the future and look forward to tackling the next challenges together with you.

In our portfolio you will find all solutions at a glance.

The TW-Control is the machine controller from TechnoWood. It runs on every TechnoWood CNC system and is the key to success. The TW-Control is an extremely efficient controller.
Often, elements do not hang on the crane as desired. Laboriously and sometimes dangerously, one tries to maneuver the elements into equilibrium: pushing, lifting, pulling, hitting, or even with workers hanging on the elements. With the TW-Balance, such “stories” are tales of the past.
We offer the whole package – machine and system. With the solid wood production TWOODS-Line, the proven and high-quality solid wood system TWOODS can be manufactured under license. An original timber construction system manufactured using a state-of-the-art system.
Do you primarily want to efficiently manufacture components with large dimensions or with complex machining operations? Then the right solution is our TW-Agil. Two spindles – one from above and one from below – ensure efficient, all-round machining of the component.
A structure needs a high quality foundation. In our solutions, this foundation is the TW-Mill. It consists of a massive portal, a protective cabin and a water-cooled 5-axis spindle. We put everything else together for you to create your optimal system.