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The joinery center
Do you primarily want to efficiently manufacture components with large dimensions or with complex machining operations? Then the right solution is our TW-Agil. Two spindles – one from above and one from below – ensure efficient, all-round machining of the component.


6-sided machining with two spindles


Automatic infeed and outfeed


Rod and plate processing from standard to large parts


High machining accuracy even with large parts
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This is how it works

Conventional beam joining with small to very large dimensions, entire beam packages, plates, bulky glulam elements or box elements and even 3-dimensional molded parts are processed efficiently, precisely and with a high degree of flexibility.

Two water-cooled 5-axis spindles à 29 kW process the component very efficiently thanks to the 2-channel control; while one spindle is working, the second spindle changes the tool. Six-sided machining of the components is possible thanks to the spindles, which can move out of the machining area on the Y-axis.


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