Everything in balance with the


The crane balancer
Often, elements do not hang on the crane as desired. Laboriously and sometimes dangerously, one tries to maneuver the elements into equilibrium: pushing, lifting, pulling, hitting, or even with workers hanging on the elements. With the TW-Balance, such “stories” are tales of the past.


High precision when setting elements thanks to remote-controlled positioning


Large radius of action (up to 100 m) and loads up to 5 tons tested remote control


Massive reduction in assembly time for crane and fitters


Easy operation of the crane balancer

This is how it works

Thanks to the highest precision, the TW-Balance succeeds in placing elements in the desired position. For example, roof elements can be positioned at the correct angle of inclination without any problems.

Furthermore, the crane balancer is characterized by its compact design, which makes it handy and easy to transport for the operator.


in action

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