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Lyon, France
10 July 2024

UserClub TechnoWood AG

Alt St. Johann, Switzerland
3 April 2024

Dach + Holz International

Stuttgart, Germany
5 March 2024

22nd VGQ Timber Construction Forum

Trafo Hallen, Baden Switzerland
22 March 2024

Wisdome Stockholm: Royal opening of a visionary learning space

At the center of the Wisdome construction project in Stockholm, the stationary gantry robot TW-Mill C is once again demonstrating its capabilities. The project description from Blumer-Lehmann AG provides an insight into the challenges and innovations behind this fascinating

Building material in focus: Clever applications and their advantages

Holzbau Oberholzer realizes the largest order with an impressive 5-storey building and 32 modern apartments. Particularly fascinating: the unique staircase made of in-situ concrete, an innovative method that demonstrates flexibility and creativity in perfect symbiosis. You can learn more …
TechnoWood in Saland

Swiss quality work

According to Oertli sales technician Markus Klöti, when a Swiss tool processes Swiss wood in a Swiss timber construction company with a Swiss CNC system, it is a perfect symbiosis. At Schindler & Scheibling, the tool specialist Oertli equipped …

Growing with the tasks

Only launched in 2020, the French cross-laminated timber producer Xlam Industrie has already made remarkable progress. Like the first projects, the tools initially used in joinery were standard solutions. Today, the young company also masters challenging jobs with special …
C 10 Baufortschritt IMG_9808

A musical jewel on Lake Schwendi

The Klanghaus am Schwendisee is a symbiosis of Toggenburg wood and innovative architecture, created according to the plans of Staufer & Hasler Architekten. The unique design is made possible by the innovative TW-Mill C. Here, wood will become a …
Steg Seeblickweg_Harrer Ingenieure GmbH

Looking to the future: Wooden-carbon bridge sets new standards

In Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, an innovative timber-concrete composite construction method is being used for a 70-meter-long pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Seeblickweg between the districts of Mühlhausen and Bad Cannstatt. Carbon concrete replaces conventional steel …
BeA KÜNG Anlage vorne

Automated manufacturing process

Küng Holzbau AG produces, with the TWOODS-Line from TechnoWood, solid wood based buildings without glue, chemicals and metal under the name “Holzpur”. Automated production includes cross-layering of elements, drilling of dowel holes and fastening of planking. The company emphasizes …