” People in Central Europe spend about 90% of their time in a building. Why not in a balanced APPENZELLERHOLZ house with real values?”

Hannes Nägeli, Nägeli AG
Wood and interior construction
Initiator TWOODS / management

Under the name TWOODS there is a connection of like-minded companies, which produce natural and high-quality building elements in solid wood.

A TWOODS building envelope is made of pure wood and is manufactured without metal, glue or harmful substances. The elements consist of crossed layers of boards, which are connected with wooden dowels. This creates solid wood elements for buildings with a healthy and sustainable feel-good climate. In addition, the TWOODS system is architecture-independent and achieves top values in all building physics disciplines.

License user

Land Visual EN

Plant manufacturer

TechnoWood AG
Horb 5
9656 Alt St. Johann

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