28. March 2022

UserClub 2023

28. March 2022

UserClub 2023

At the 18. + 19 January 2023 the annual UserClub took place at TechnoWood AG. The operators of TW plants received an info upgrade in the TW production process and the mechanical aspects of the plants.

In addition to TechnoWood AG, the CAD service providers (Cadwork, Dietrich’s, SEMA and hsbcad ) and Lignocam were also on site to present the latest innovations. Together, the current challenges could be described in the continuous data creation and the right measures discussed.

Furthermore, the presentations “Digital information flow production in timber construction” by Andi Diethelm, Borm-Informatik AG and “TW-Data” by Samuel Salvisberg, TechnoWood AG, dealt with economic, personnel and technical topics that are important for the modern timber construction company.

The joint exchange among the participating companies is more than just a good side effect – it is the network platform. The evening was spent by around 160 people having dinner together, in a relaxed environment, getting to know the “right” people in an informal way.




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