15. September 2022

Wood system construction. Intelligently preproduced.

15. September 2022

In April 1989, Arnold Schindler and Christian Scheibling built the first roof hatches as elements on a farm in Bauma. 33 years later, the Schindler & Scheibling company employs around 120 people at three locations. Last year, they took another important step with the purchase of the TWOODS line.

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The technical progress in timber construction

The management of von Rohr Holzbau AG decided on a solution from TechnoWood, which is completely convincing with its “TW-Flip” system. This has now been in operation since March 2022. In a short interview, Pascal Mäder (head of the …

Award of the “HolzCHopf” prize

The interest group Lignum Holzkette St.Gallen is committed to wood on several levels – including the award of the “St.Galler HolzCHopf” award and several recognition prizes. These awards are in recognition of a particularly dedicated, courageous or original commitment …