15. September 2022

Award of the “HolzCHopf” prize

15. September 2022

The interest group Lignum Holzkette St.Gallen is committed to wood on several levels – including the award of the “St.Galler HolzCHopf” award and several recognition prizes. These awards are in recognition of a particularly dedicated, courageous or original commitment to regional timber. For the 7th time, an independent jury has chosen the winners. This year, the award ceremony took place at Horb 5 in Alt St. Johann. A fitting place where we, as an international manufacturer of machines and software for woodworking, show that there is currently a lot going on in the St.Gallen wood industry.


  • HolzCHopf 2022: Sepp Steiger, Kriessern

Recognition Awards:

  • Company: Marcel and Roland Oberholzer, Eschenbach
  • Politics: Bruno Cozzio, Uzwil
  • Lifetime achievement: Rolf Ehrbar, Rieden
  • Wood sensitization: IG Sustainable Future in Flawil
  • Art: Markus Buschor, Altstätten
  • Wood energy: Urs Zwingli, Wattwil

More detailed information about the event and the respective honors can be found under the following link.



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