TW-Concept Line

TW-Mill E

The element construction robot
From the outside, a TW-Mill E can hardly be distinguished from a TW-Mill M. The reason is simple – the TW-Mill E is a TW-Mill M with a Young’s modulus.

One plant

for nailing, screwing, stapling, gluing and tying.

System diversity

Wall, ceiling and roof elements, freeforms and more.


Processing of frames, plates, trusses, boxes, etc.

The TW-Mill E element construction portal stands for maximum flexibility. This is thanks to a 5-axis spindle for complex joinery, plate and free-form machining and a 4-axis unit for element construction. The core piece is the “E-module”, which variably accommodates various nailing, stapling, screwing and gluing devices.

A separate, powerful spindle also enables complete abundance, plate to free-form machining. The TW-Mill E is a machine for efficient standard and flexible special machining.


in action

TW-Mill E

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