11. January 2022

Next generation timber construction

11. January 2022

TechnoWood AG

Flexible joinery and wall production line

A splendid example of the technical transformation from a carpenter’s workshop to a modern timber construction company might be Holzbau Dankl in Salzburg. In just a few years, father and son have made the transition here from purely hand-trimming to what is probably one of the most modern wood construction facilities in Austria. The basis for this is a TW Concept Line from the Swiss specialist TechnoWood.

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Halle 4 Aussen8


The new plant houses an efficient production facility for board stacked elements. Specially designed for the production of board stack elements, the extremely compact production line cleverly overcomes space restrictions. The innovative TW-Concept Line maximizes flexibility and efficiency in …

Solid wood elements with maximum flexibility

Bässler Holz- und Fensterbau GmbH in Göppingen has been producing solid wood elements with a customized TechnoWood production line since autumn 2022. The highly flexible system, specially developed for customer requirements, efficiently processes glulam and cross-laminated timber elements. The …