22. June 2022

TW topping up

22. June 2022

It’s done!

Almost exactly one year ago, on April 6th, 2021 , the time had come; the management of TechnoWood AG started the construction project with the groundbreaking ceremony. Although the weather didn’t always cooperate last summer and the rain jacket was used more often than the t-shirt, everything went according to plan.

Part of the production was already integrated into the new hall in November. So it went step by step, two weeks ago the offices were moved into.

We are very happy about our new hall, the space we gained and the great result.

Of course we don’t want to deprive you of a look behind the scenes; you are therefore cordially invited to our open day on 20. + August 21, 2022 invited. More information can be found here and on Facebook .

We look forward to you!




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