TW-Concept Line

TW-Mill C

The stationary gantry robot
Unlike the TW-Mill M, the TW-Mill C is not placed on the rails. It stands firmly on the ground – the disposal, the suction and the position of the operator is firmly in place. The components are transported through the machining zone of the TW-Mill C using portal carriages – the TW-Carrier. Infeed and outfeed systems offer a very high degree of automation. Thanks to the stationary position, a so-called “pit spindle” can also be installed – it machines the component from below.


automatic infeed and outfeed, individually programmable carts, 6-sided machining, and central disposal.


unrestricted shaping thanks to open control.


Configuration tailored to customer and product.

One drive each drives the TW carriers on both sides, allowing precise positioning. Components can be clamped automatically up to a width of 2000 mm. In addition, large, curved glulam parts can be placed independently of the automatic clamping device.

in action

TW-Mill C

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