The modular table system

TW Table

TW-Table is the modular table solution that can be tailored to the customer’s needs and level of automation. It consists of the possible equipment parts, which, depending on the configuration, enables the conveying of components along or across the machining table, the turning of components, the clamping and positioning of plates and elements, as well as the clamping and positioning of beams and ribs.


The system is extremely space-saving (extends only 600 mm beyond the table) and also provides the solution for turning in plants with very little space.


Even very heavy elements / panels (approx. 1.5 t/unit) are turned without twisting the elements (finished surface!).


The indoor crane does not need to be occupied for turning, and work safety and ease are ensured.


The system consists of individual units that can be controlled independently of each other and placed according to customer requirements in terms of position and distance from each other.


The turning and erecting system is used to turn elements, panels or box systems made of wood with high efficiency. These are turned without leaving the line and with a minimum of space. On the one hand, this machine can be operated in conjunction with a CNC portal milling machine as part of a table solution, on the other hand, it can also be used as a stand-alone machine.

TW flow X

By means of driven and non-driven rollers, the component to be machined is lifted and moved to the next machining zone, for example. The conveyor rollers are recessed in the machining table and firmly connected to it. The alignment of the rollers is transverse to the conveying direction. The driven and non-driven rollers are grouped together according to customer requirements. By means of a control unit directly at the table, the rolls can be controlled individually or all rolls of a group.

TW-Flow Y

The cross-conveyor units are recessed in the machining table and firmly connected to it. In the process sequence, the component to be processed is lifted and moved transverse to the conveying direction, e.g. into a parallel processing or buffer zone. In this process, the component is extended on one side with a cantilever.

TW-Clamp B

The TW-Clamp B beam positioning system consists of modular clamping units for positioning and fixing beams and ribs. The individual units can be integrated into a table in number and position according to specific requirements.

The bars are applied and the individually controlled units are selected and activated. On each unit there are individual clamps, each with a stop and a counter stop. The stop is manually aligned on the waistband side with the aid of an integrated measuring tape and fixed with a locking handle. The counter stops of the individual clamps now move synchronously within the clamping opening towards the beam until it is clamped. For turning or conveying operations, the TW-Clamp B can be retracted into the table. The federal side must be defined on a project-by-project basis.

TW-Clamp E

The TW-Clamp E element clamping system consists of modular clamping units for positioning and clamping elements. The individual units are integrated in number and position according to specific requirements as a symmetrical system in a table.

One unit consists of 2 clamping plates made of beech with 4 grid holes each. Depending on the width of the element to be clamped, a stop bolt is inserted on each of the two clamping plates. The first clamping plate is fixed and serves as the stop side, the second plate is moved against the stop side within a fixed stroke. For each clamping unit, the two inserted bolts thus clamp the element together. The operation or the release of the clamping is done via an air valve on the unit side of the fixed bolt.

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