TechnoWood’s TW-Mill modular joinery system can process wood panel material, glulam, one or more single bars efficiently, flexibly and precisely. The TW-Mill system impresses with its modular and high-quality design. Length of the plant, passage width, passage height, arrangement and number of spindles and aggregates and many other features can be freely selected. The stable […]


In the dowel portal, the boards are stretched and holes are drilled through all layers of boards. Two drilling units with 15 mm snake drills create through or non through holes. In the case of elements that are not drilled through, the dowels are not visible on one side. The dowel unit then presses a […]


The laying gantry grabs boards of different lengths from different boxes and places them on the production table in the desired directions. The specification for these laying patterns comes directly from the programming system. Recesses, such as windows and doors, are detected by the system and not laid out, thus reducing the sections to a […]