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Bien-Zenker GmbH


Schlüchtern, Germany

The Versatile Wood Production

“The TW-Table from the company TechnoWood AG from Switzerland represents a special production line for our carpentry company. Here are made all the special elements for the roof, ceiling and balcony. A significant advantage of this table solution is that it relieves our forklifts and the overhead crane by allowing the wooden elements to be lifted onto the work table with the help of turning pairs. Furthermore, we produce balcony elements here, as they often need to be rotated and thus can remain in one place. The TW-Table is characterized by its high flexibility. We have the possibility to evaluate the production of the elements on a daily basis and decide accordingly whether we want to use the whole line for continuous production (with a length of 40 meters and 6 pairs of turns) or whether we want to take the first 12 meters out of the line and produce in the square, while using the rest as a production line. In addition, the last 10 meters of the line offer integrated shoe compartments for stackers, allowing the elements to be removed with the help of side stackers. With the support of the flexible TW-Table, we are able to produce high volumes efficiently.” Markus Farnung, Division Management Bien-Zenker GmbH
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"The TW production line, as a special line for ceilings, roofs, valley beams, balconies, etc., supports us with its flexibility every day in the efficient production of houses. "

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