Versatile woodworking through innovative plant expansion

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Balteschwiler AG


Laufenburg, Switzerland

Woodworking redefined

Balteschwiler AG decided in January 2022 to expand its joinery center for solid wood panels. Only 15 months later, it was able to put the facilities into operation. At the heart of this: TechnoWood’s TW Concept Line with two gantry robots (TW-Mill M and TW-Mill E), two turning devices (TW-Flip) and a longitudinal conveyor (TW-Flow X). The plant is designed to process cross laminated timber and glulam elements of any length and up to a width of 4.3m and a thickness of 1.2m. This enables Balteschwiler AG to offer its timber construction customers a wide range of services: From simple right-angled cutting to complex 5-axis free-form machining, there are hardly any limits. The flexible CAM system, Lignocam, and the open control system, TW-Control, are particularly advantageous. Even planking such as gypsum fiberboard can be applied CNC-controlled.
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"TechnoWood was our "top supplier". Despite the pandemic and the war, they managed to meet all the deadlines specified at the beginning to the day, thus making a significant contribution to the success of the investment project."

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