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Tschopp Holzbau AG


Hochdorf, Switzerland

Wood shows the way to the future

With its TW-Mill E, the Tschopp company, 2018 in element production, has moved into a whole new dimension. On their 58m long element table, they produce wall, ceiling and roof elements with a wide variety of superstructures on time and with a perfect fit. The data required for this comes directly from their 3D planning. Whether solid wood or frame elements, whether format or cut-out, whether fixing gypsum or wood-based panels, all requirements are met by the TW-Mill E. With the built-in TW-Flip and TW-Flow, the elements are turned, positioned and conveyed with little effort. In addition, the flexibility of the machine allows nesting of panels, cutting to size and joinery of structural timber. The modern networking between planning and production enables the highest precision in design, manufacturing and assembly. The efficiency of the TW-Mill E offers high productivity, quality and advantages in terms of costs and deadlines.
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"The TW-Mill E is absolutely precise and extremely versatile, from element production to nesting, cutting to size and joinery. With the 4-axis and 5-axis aggregate together with our 58 m long element table, it meets all our requirements up to free-forms. The competent cooperation with TechnoWood from procurement to maintenance and operation is a pleasure. "

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