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Holzbau Dankl GmbH


Uttendorf, Austria

Holzbau Dankl 4.0 - Element construction portal

The element construction portal TW-Mill-E with 4.0 x 52.0m production table is used at Frima Holzbau Dankl GmbH for the production of wall, roof and ceiling elements. Precise machining operations such as sawing, milling and nailing are optimally transferred to the machine via a digital interface through appropriate factory planning. This means that elements can be delivered to the construction site with a very high degree of prefabrication. Wall elements are prefabricated by various individual layers, up to the finished facade formwork and window installation. The manufacturing quality is highly appreciated by builders and also by timber construction partner companies. In addition to element production, the machine’s 5-axis unit can also perform joinery, free-forming and panel cutting with dimensional accuracy.
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"Timber construction 4.0: The perfect precession of timber construction elements is brought to the point by machine support of our TW-Mill E. Our complete timber construction package is highly appreciated by private builders as well as external timber construction companies. TechnoWood is the optimal partner for this!"

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